Cake sale final total.

Our cake sale for class playground toys were exceedingly busy. A huge thank you to all those people who supported us by making and buying cakes and biscuits. The Meadow was crammed full of people and cakes.

All the School Council were there to help set up and sell the goods. A big thank you to them. Also, a thank you to Mrs. Caddy and Miss Pasmore who volunteered to help sell and they made the whole process slick and easy.

On the day, with money owed, the cake sale raised £79.05. There were quite a few cakes and biscuits left over so they were taken to an office in Westbury where donations were given for the cakes during the workman breaks. Westbury made another £18.94 so the grand total for the sale was £97.99.

Thank you everyone.

Watch out for the School Council hot chocolate sale after school on Tuesday 29th November.

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